Career Management Advice: Top 10 by Greg Fleming

Career Management Advice: Top 10 by Greg Fleming

In the fall of 2015, I attended a Fellows’ Seminar in Yale University and was at a lecture delivered by Gregory J. Fleming; a visiting Lecturer at Yale University. Gregory was the then President of Morgan Stanley Investment Management and also Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

It was an interesting lecture as Gregory (Greg) shared about his career, the difficulties he encountered on his way to the top and how from all his career learnings, he came up with his Top 10 Career Management advice.

Here they are in the order explained by Greg:

  1. Manage Your Career Yourself

Own it, work at it, be proactive

  1. Take Risks

Take big jumps if opportunities arise, success is often associated with some risks

  1. Be Patient

Focus on being the best you can be to achieve great results over time

  1. Work For Great people

You need to constantly push the envelope and great people will help you stay fresh and challenge you daily

  1. Develop A Code Of Ethics and Stick With It

Do not compromise on a single thing or situation, “act as if what you are doing will be on the front page of the newspaper the next day”

  1. Pursue Excellence

Carpe Diem, this is your life, be full of energy and never stop learning

  1. Treat Everyone With Respect

Say thank you

  1. Remember Why You Are Here

Clients are our focus

  1. Think Big

Do great things, go big or go home mentality

  1. Expect To Win

Michael Jordan wanted the ball late in games, he expected good things to happen, individuals like Michael have a higher percentage of good performances and                   results because of a strong winning mentality




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