Mary Meeker’s Internet Trend Report 2019

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trend Report 2019

It has been 24 years since Mary Meeker first crafted a report now christened The Internet Trend Report which underlines the most important statistics and technology trends on the internet.

As the founder of Bond Capital and former Kleiner Perkins general partner, Mary Meeker made her presentation onstage at Vox/Recode’s Code Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

She highlighted slowed growth in e-commerce sales, increased internet ad spending, data growth, as well as the rise of freemium subscription business models, telemedicine, photo-sharing, interactive gaming, the on-demand economy and more.

Meeker who is popularly referred to as the “Queen of the Internet” told the audience “If it feels like we’re all drinking from a data firehose, it’s because we are,” Meeker told the audience. She made references to Slack, Stripe, Spotify, Dropbox, Discord, Twitch, Zoom, Stitch Fix, Instagram and Bond portfolio company Canva as she reviewed her slides.

Mary Meeker exited Kleiner Perkins last May shortly after releasing 2018 Internet Trend Report to raise more than $1 billion for her debut growth fund, Bond Cap LLC.

You can view the full internet trends report here – 333 slides in all.



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