Coopital Flex (audio file)

Coopital Flex (audio file)

Coopital Flex – Is a jingle; audio in hip hop style of what really we are about.

The lyrics of the jingles are detailed below:

Coopital Flex_July 9, 2019

As you think about the future, a number of things will confront you as you go along; financial security, savings, loans, property acquisition, investment, business ownership, preventing old age poverty, good health and so much more. However, you should be able to leverage your current level of income and capital to secure a sound financial future for yourself.

Coopital (Lekki) Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited aka Coopital is where Capital meets Cooperation. In otherwords, People pooling together their capital and resources in cooperation to meet their investment needs and for on-lending to members at low interest rate.

Take advantage of the most affordable model of becoming a co-owner of a sustainable global business. Coopital (Lekki) Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited is a business of the people for the people and by the people.

Decide today to join, become a co-owner, save monthly, invest and grow your wealth

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