Five Reasons You Should Join Coopital Cooperative Multipurpose Society  Limited

Five Reasons You Should Join Coopital Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited

Coopital (Lekki) Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited works on the principle of self-help as well as mutual help. The main objective is to provide support to our members. Nobody joins our cooperative society to earn profit but to build wealth. People come forward as a group, pool their individual resources, utilize them in the best possible manner, and derive some common benefits out of it as listed below in the rest of this article.

1. Co-Ownership: Become a part owner of an affordable and sustainable global business. Low Cost of Ownership and low joining fee, and you are a co-owner.

2. Building Your Financial Muscles: Monthly contributions in savings and share capital helps you achieve your life savings objectives. From as little as N10,000 monthly contribution to whatever your income level permits you to. The goal is to build-up your savings and share capital through monthly contributions for investment and thrift, thus ultimately helping you achieve your life savings objectives.

3. Loan Factor: Get up to 200% of your total savings in loans (T&C applies). Acess to finance at cheap and affordable interest rate is truly a game-changer for any focused individual and business owner. Our loan interest rates are not only low but affords our members the opportunity to borrow up to twice their savings portfolio.

A cooperative is “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned enterprise”.

4. Housing & Mortgage Scheme: from time to time, we provide opportunities for our members to purchase a home for themselves through our mortgage facility. Our society is one of the cooperatives enlisted for the National Social Housing Programme.

5. Dividend: Returns are paid on patronage and contributions at the end of each year. These returns and other reasons like the need to increase income, increase bargaining power and taking-on large projects that an individual would not have been able to handle alone. Large projects are better tackles by a group like ours who have pooled together funds to achieve scale and better bargaining power.

Never underestimate the power of numbers. A Buyer Group like ours has numbers and is a formidable force anywhere when it comes to negotiation

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