What should I do with my End of Year Bonus, 13th Month Allowances and/or Cash Gifts?

Lavish Vacationing!

The 7 smartest things to do with your end-of-year bonus

  1. Beef up your cooperative contribution. Ideally, you are already putting money into your Thrift Share Capital and Thrift Savings, so cease the opportunity to really give it a big boost
  2. Build an emergency fund. More than half of the world’s population don’t have an emergency fund
  3. Pay off any lingering debt
  4. Aim at a larger savings goal; save more and dream big as there are bigger purchases in the future e.g home, car, child graduation etc
  5. Give back – benevolence, the needy, charity, relative, religious
  6. Purchase an asset of intrinsic value like a plot of land in Coopital Palm Estate
  7. Set aside some money for January, the toughest month of every year

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