Coopital (Lekki) Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited

Where Capital Meets Cooperation

Cooperative story

Coopital (Lekki) Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited (CCMS) was established as a Cooperative in May 2019 and duly registered by the Lagos State Government Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives to operate as a social enterprise. The Cooperative is supervised by this Ministry through the Directorate of Cooperatives and guided by Bye-laws for cooperatives.

The establishment of Coopital (Lekki) Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited was birthed by Creditude Global Services Limited who initiated the registration process of the cooperative society along with twenty (20) individuals to the Lagos Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives with the applicable registration fees paid, the technology platform built and deployed for public use.

Our Vision

To be the cooperative that people go to for diversified financial and allied services that improve the quality of life of members and the community.

Our Mission

To efficiently deliver relevant products and services to members through digital channels compliant with international best practice.

Our Guiding Principles

Voluntary and Open Membership

Autonomy and Independence

Concern for Community

Democratic Member Control

Education, Training and Information

Member Economic Participation

Cooperation among Cooperatives

Our Primary Goals

Inculcate into its members the habit of saving a portion of every income earned

Provide access to cheap mortgage loans and affordable properties.

Provide a digital-first cooperative platform for the management of members’ cooperative business.

Provide the avenue for loans at cheap and affordable interest rates.

Empower its members sufficiently to help prevent old-age poverty.

Serve as a vehicle for investment.

Provide a platform for Nigerians in Diaspora to save and grow their wealth at home while abroad.

Our Trustees